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Round two of Planetary Solutions Soap Company. I'm liking it so far. Feedback appreciated. BTW, I did play with a "pop" bubble but wasnt' making much progress. The addition of a sudsy foundation I think gives the mark a good base. Other celestial elements added for fun....

The company hand makes all natural soaps and helps keep the planet clean.

Get it? Get it? ;-)

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I think that, overall,

I think that, overall, you're starting to get too complex here. I understand what you were trying to do with the soapy base, but now it's become very busy.

I think the font is more appropriate. If you want to stick with this one, I'd try to work the bubbles into the letters some (the "t" and "r" seem to lend themselves to it naturally).

But the logomark, as I said, has definitely gotten much too busy.

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True, true.

Good call.

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I think the star, moon was a bit much. Also broke up the ring (as suggested in earlier thread) and think that helped too. Put a bubble where the dot of lower case "i" would be. Think I'll move the type away from mark. Appears slightly crowded now.

Pretty excited about this now.

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And finally...

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Wanted to thank you guys.

You see, I am but a humble production artist.

I have people around me who can recommend the best kerning for a pair of letters, but nobody with a global design sense whom I can bounce ideas with.

The ability to show a roughly sketch a logo and receive feedback on a concept from such a wide group of people is fantastic and I believe, when I do get a chance to sharpen my design claws, the results are much more than I could have done alone.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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I might be too late

I might be too late here...but I think its way too big. It's gonna be impossible to apply this to a business card or the top of the web page, because it's just too tall. What would you do if you were asked to wack this on to a pencil?


"Did I really try to find an "undo" button on a vending machine?"

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