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Photoshop's New De-Blur Tool

Adobe showed an awesome "Sneak" of a DeBlur tool at the Adobe Max 2011 Conference.

Check out the video here:

This is some amazing stuff. Let's hope they roll this out with CS6.

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it was brilliant to watch.

i hope it's CS6.

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Hmmm... interesting - looks kind of like sharpen on steroids. Asterisks? Glad you asked...

1) Small photos
2) High contrast
3) "Presets" loaded before each demo
4) Lots of clock time on the one little phone number he did in real time.

Like most seminar demos - the "wow" usually outweighs the actual work imho. Could be something down the road though - you never know.

Still interesting - thanks.

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The easier things become, the less one relies on his/her own self power. Ultimately the human being is restructured over a period of time. This happens slow enough that the average person does not notice it.

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This new tool is really very cool!

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Totally freakin' loving it! That much control from such a crap photo, are you kidding me...?

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