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Here is a small tip about the warp tool inside free transform of Adobe Photoshop. With help of the Photoshop you can easily transform images to fit almost everything. In this article I'm going to be using the warp tool to make photos look just perfect inside a open book shape.

First.. Get hold of a object that looks like an open book. I've chosen a vector image I purchased from iStockphoto.

Second.. Find two great photos of yours and open them.. Now select them and paste them into the document of the book and they'll show up there. Click on the eye of one of the photos you pasted and then you'll have one photo and the book open.

Third.. Select the photo layer and Right-Click on it and select "Free Transform"

Fourth.. Now it should look like this! Now you see the rounded circles around the image, those are dragging points which you can use and drag your photo in to the right shape.

Fifth.. Add some nice text of yours and maybe find a nice background and your'e done..

Just a small tip by me :)

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That picture looks a bit

That picture looks a bit stange...the top is curved and the bottom isn't. On the iStockPhoto graphic you can see the bottom part of the page - also curved- but it's gone on the edited image.

Curious... :)

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Schon OK

Wie schon Mackie geschrieben hat ist die Perspektive etwas schräg, aber ansont schon ok.

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what he said.

what he said.

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i said in german. is it

i said in german. is it wrong?

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Not really

We all have a translator dashboard widget (mac), its what its there for! The perspective is off, but its the tip, not the execution that matters in blog entries :D

....but attention to detail it always very important imo.


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It's a great tip, but shouldn't it be called "Using the WARP tool"?*

*now corrected

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Why didn't you warp the

Why didn't you warp the type?

http://www.davidpcrawford.com - http://www.vomit76.com

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And as if by Magic!

And as if by Magic (insert magical warping sound) ..... * Proof * the typos gone.


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think the post was...

...supposed to be called how 'NOT' to use the warp tool

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Calm down now...write a

Calm down now...write a better article if you can.

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The best software for this is Illustrator

If you place the book image into illustrator and then place the flower image.

Draw a path with the pen tool around the page next. Make sure that it has no fill and it it above the flower image.

Go to Object-Envelope Distort-make with top object and voila—done!

The only thing that you need to make sure is that the path is above the image and the the image is emedded and not linked.

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Both PS and AI are great for

Both PS and AI are great for this, it just depends on what your final result needs to be. Sometimes AI won't work because 'double placing' (placing a graphic in illustrator and then placing that file with the placed image in another file) can cause printing problems.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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