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Photoshop Shortcuts

Trevor Morris has conveniently gathered all of Photoshop CS2's keyboard shortcuts into this PDF file. Learning all the shortcuts lets you speed though your work up to 5-10 times faster than by using menus, according to research. Other shortcuts are available on this page.

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That's great. I added the doc to this post as well in case. What research showed that tremendous speed increase. Is it done by Adobe? What's the baseline? Somebody who doesn't know Apple-C, Apple-V? Or somebody who has to look for the copy command among all the menupoints? How green you have to be to start with?

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STOP! It is not Adobe that gathered those shortcuts, but Trevor Morris, as you can see in this page:

Ivan, I suggest to ask Trevor's agreement before hosting this file here without properly crediting him. (he is a good guy, he might not mind)

Also, please visit his site, it is full of such gems. I am surprised that no one else recognized it.

pierre-etienne courtejoie

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Thanks for the info!

Mackie, are you going to contact him or shall I?

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Sorry guys, I found that PDF on the internet somewhere and thought it came from Adobe. I didn't write him, but I modified the article a bit, it will be all right now.

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Thanks for that sPECtre.

No harm done guys. Link away. But, if it's not too much to ask, how about changing the link (for "this PDF file") to:
so that both Mac and PC people can benefit--as well as those that might be using an older version of Photoshop.

As you were! ;)


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