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The Impact of Photoshop

The latest PBS Off Book episode, dubbed Photoshop Has Changed the World, takes a look at several aspects of the impact of digital image editing on illustration, retouching and online popular culture. It's a brief but worthy effort, although there's more to all this than simply Photoshop. For example, one can agree with the claim that, "With the ability to alter any image in the media landscape, everyday people now have the means to critically comment on culture and spread their ideas virally, leveling the playing field between traditional media creators and consumers." But those "everyday people" are for the most part not creating wacky cat photos with a product that sells for $699.

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Good clip, thanks for the share.

I've been struggling for years in retouching and the morality of how far you push that. Right now, I'm at the point where anything that can't be fixed by physical products (light wrinkles) or isn't included as part of a person (ie. zits) I will not remove or modify. I may dampen wrinkles or age spots but I won't fully clone them out either, same thing with weight modifications. I think this has become a huge issue with the self worth particularly of teens in the interpretation of imagery and believing, even though they know it's been modified that this is where they should find value and I think that's incredibly damaging and wrong. Will my actions make a huge impact? Probably not, but I think there should be ethics to it and everyone else should pick this up on this as well. Just because we can change anything doesn't mean we should.

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Good clip - worthy of an hour documentary at least.

But damn, Vootie - where do you buy your products? MacMall is selling Photoshop for $679. There's one on ebay with a top bid of $76 right now too.

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Quite right, thanks for pointing that out, I've adjusted that to Adobe's suggested retail price of $699. Still not for the average meme creator, I wouldn't think. Buying it on eBay is not without some risk.

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