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Blade Runner Meets Photoshop

At least, that was my first thought on watching this clip demonstrating voice-controlled image editing. We're barely into the era of touch but it's a safe bet that voice will be the next "big thing" in interface innovation. The example here shows off PixelTone, an experimental effort created by Adobe Research and the University of Michigan that combines voice and touch.

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i don't want to start an argument with my computer.

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I like it. You can make accurate selections with pinch and zoom, select pixels with fingers, or talking to the computer each unity of the matrix like "unselect the row from 349x1890 until 349x2030"

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Not sure that I wouldn't feel like a fool talking to my Photo shop.

Can you imagine a large post production house like the one's I use in Mumbai, with fifty machine operators all chatting away with their computers at once ..... so much for quiet concentration!

But more seriously this is a bit of a hybrid bastard creation as fingers or pens are still needed for defining areas, even if you can call them "Steve's pants" or "Mary's skirt" afterwards. I am really not sure why being able to say "Darken Mid-tones" is any better than clicking on a menu, aside perhaps from a slightly decreased learning curve for debutantes. As for being able use words such as "Heavenly" ...... I can't believe that Adobe's idea of Heaven is going to be any better than any of Adobe's disappointing "aware" effects. I suppose the user could save his own effects and assign his own spoken name for them, that would seem logical. That way at least I could go to my heaven instead of Adobe's and consign this idea to my particular Hell where I would like to put it.

But of course, like or not, it will come. Like HDR it will be hyped up and unstoppable and supporters will go overboard until it settles into normal usage and becomes just another useful tool for use when needed.

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