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Partial Solar Eclipse

ISO: 50
Shutter: 1/8000 seconds
Aperture: f/32
Date: March 29th, 2006
Time: 1415 hours (2:15PM)
Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L @ 200mm (100% cropped)
Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark II

060329-1415hrs-solareclipse.jpg34.92 KB

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Hey Waleed, havnt seen you for a while dude, how are things?

The photo is really nice, I how the light splits on the corners, really nice.
Thanks for posting your settings too, really helpful.

have a great day :D


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Excellent picture! I'm not entirely knowledgable about photography techniques, how did you take this photo? Did you have to point the camera at something which was reflecting the light from the sun?

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Thanks for the kind comments and for posting the photo as I only posted a link, hehe..

I've been away in a contract for the first issue of the Saudi Arabian Encyclopedia (and will continue for the next 8-10 weeks). It requires a lot of traveling and time does not allow me to access the net most of the week as I'll either work or crash sleeping :-)

Fuelrock, the photo was taken directly pointing to the sun. I don't have the required filters, so I tried to reduce the amount of light as much as possible. I missed typing (compensation: -3 stops) with the specs above.

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I've never seen the other side of an eclipse like that. Cool.

Waleed: very nice! I could never capture that on my lowly S400.

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Woah indeed :)

Thanks, and yes you can Apfhex.. Try some old x-rays sheets and have them cover the lens to limit the amount of light coming through. If your camera have a manual setting option, you can fix the shutter speed and aperture.

Because of the way your camera operates (sensor always capturing what's in front of the lens), try stacking more x-ray sheets first and reduce them as needed to prevent damaging the sensor.

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Where I live, the coverage got to 95%. I wish I could photograph it, but I was at work! :(

It was creepy, and cool. The light dimmed substantially, it was like sunset in the middle of the day. The air felt colder, and people stood on streets staring at the eclipse with these weird glasses.

Amazing natural phenomenon.

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Wow, that would feel weird.. They say the peek was at 2:20PM (Saudi Arabia local time --- GMT+3) and the shot I took was just 5 minutes earlier. So, it was much less than what you've experienced.

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It doesn't take much imagination to see the similarity between this image and the Apple logo, does it? :)

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