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Photo Repair Website Logo

I have been working on a business website for myself that specializes in photo restoration, repair, manipulation, etc.

I only have one logo available for critiquing at the moment but do have other concepts in mind. Let me know what you think of this one. (The box around the logo is the placeholder for the logo which is placed in the top-left hand corner of the website.)

Thanks in advance for your critique. Happy New Year!

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This is so cliched it's not even funny. And I'm drunk. And usually a happy drunk.

Find something that hasn't been done to death.

Leaky Penny

We artists are indestructible, even in a prison cell or concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell. - Pablo Picasso

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I agree. Its nice to look it, but its waaaay overused. Head to your local bestbuy or Fry's and browse their software titles, your bound to see several logos similar to yours. Your business needs a unique logo with personality...and I dont think the name "photodoctor" does it any favors. Sounds very generic. I'd like to see your other concepts....hopefully they are a bit more creative than this one.

Consider this one a warm-up.....and bring out the big guns on the next round of concepts. :)

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since you will be doing photo restoration- i would imagine that most of the photos you get will be old and vintage. i think of those triangle paper corners used to slide photos in to on a photo book page - or even picture frames. have you thought of the possibility of stacking the logo to fit into a size that would closer represent a photo and maybe utilizing the triangle corners? Or enclosing it in a stylized photo frame or graphic representative of that?

I would also work on the typography, it looks like it was just typed out. Think about making a letter into an object or playing with the angles of the ends of the letters.

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I liked colours and the simplicity.
didn't like the kerning and twice used word "photo", it seems over too.
agree with people that this is a common name like "Apple" but has not any special, any "give me another reason to call" reply.

the symbol is so common as GUI and it's not recomended even for an iPhone appl icon.

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The main problem I have is nothing about the type or the mark says photo restoration(although it does say healing but its an over used icon). The mark and the type look like you just settled on a cliche solution.

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Let me know if you make any money with that idea.

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It totally misses the mark! You restore photos. Do something with photos, or old photo cornerstickers, an old photo tripod, F stops. Anything that communicates photos. The cross is so standard solution. The letter spacing needs attention.

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I agree with @import60 and the cross is no more used by the doctors too, as its a sign of Red Cross.
Do not think so serious, make the logo a bit more funny as no corporate is interested in restoring photos. Max time you will get call from individuals and mostly females. Guys only restore their grandfathers hunting photos or his young age photos with runner up trophies ;) (just to give a feel)

what I see, all of a sudden hearing 'Photo Doctor'.


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stop making someone else his designs Ranamaju! do it in words..

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