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personal branding

anyone got tips for creating a personal brand?

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Go brief yourself.

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Ha-haaa! 3dogmama you ARE da bomb!

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Seriously, that's a very good tip. Treat yourself as a client. Write your own brief in detail. It will clarify many things for yourself. It's a little weird but worth it.

Keep it simple and modest.

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Try to google yourself first, to consider what others will see if you doing same. Of course a professional name is required. also try to create some public profiles on facebook or other places.

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Yes, brief yourself is a very very good start. You will learn a lot about yourself once your really start to think in the form of a client. Best of luck...working on something for yourself always seems to be the hardest thing to do. We are our own worst critic.

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Use your name in everything you do as you would a product brand name.

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