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I get a decent number of jobs that require a lot of basic, text-formatting kind of work, and am interested in ideas for outsourcing some of the most straight-forward stuff, without paying an arm and a leg (aka $50+/hr, like 'real' designers make).

I realize that 'outsourcing' is synonymous with 'selling out', but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found themselves half-way through a project, overwhelmed by work or circumstances (aka children, in my case), etc... and looking for a way to take care of some of the "schlepp-work" (text-formatting for an ad journal, for instance).

Obviously, if you're going to do this kind of thing, someone local or that you know is the ideal solution, but unfortunately, I haven't found someone like that, yet. Soooo - suggestions / ideas please... and, as always, thank you.

(Apologies if this is less coherent than usual - serious sleep deprivation...)

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I can understand, I had been in the market from more then last ten years. So now I know outsourcing is totally different then selling out. Definitely that happen in starting but later that all gone away. So just chilled out nothing to worry.

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Outsourcing means you're successful - not that you're selling out. Think of yourself as the art director - you're overseeing the project(s).

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not really sure what you mean by "outsourcing"

if you mean just farming out production or tedious work to other designers (typically less experienced or cheaper) simply to help you manage your workload. thats a pretty common practice. and a great way to get work done and make new contacts.

if you mean sending work to india, the philippines or other such place where workers are paid 1/10th of what we consider a standard wage - ABSOLUTELY NOT!

some people will argue that sending work overseas helps developing economies and creates opportunities that didnt previously exist.

i would argue that it devalues OUR industry (as well as our economy) and the artificially low prices will eventually have a negative effect on your pocket. why would your clients continue to pay you $20, $40, $60 or more per hour for your part of the project, when they can just give ALL the work to the overseas workers.

soon we'll all be constructing shoes for $3 a day

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I think Nike already does that - except it's more like 96 cents per shoe.

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