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What to expect on Apple's September 12th event

Here is the list of Hardware and Software products people are hoping Apple will announce tomorrow: New iPhone 5 with a larger screen and some cool new feature probably related to payments or music streaming, MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display at screen resolution of 2560x1600px, iOS 6 with Apple Maps that hopefully will set a new aesthetic standard for Google Maps and many other cool features, New iMacs with better screens, Mini iPad 7" at $200, iPod Nano Wristwatch that connects to iCloud and lets you control your TV and other devices, a redesigned Mac Pro that is smaller and more powerful, Retina Cinema Displays and finally colorful new iPods. Which one are you hoping for?

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I'm hoping they get that anti-glare technology perfected before I have to buy another computer or display.

But either way you know the new Macs will be totally awesome and way better than any PC with a 2-button mouse. (Just trying to keep ZM happy).

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man i will be so glad when the idiotic shiny screen thing is over. im so sick of going into sports bars and seeing as much of the parking lot behind me as the game. and not being able to work on my laptop outside because all i see is the tree above and behind me...

seriously. i cant be the only person who finds this WAY more annoying than the benefit of a little more contrast?

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I paid extra for the anti-glare display on my laptop and bought a used 30" monitor because I can't stand those reflective monitors. But supposedly Apple is working on anti-glare tech and rumors are it might be included in the next iMac. If anyone is looking for a "mistake" Apple made - that's one... they quit making the anti-glare displays.

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