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Car advertising gets edgy

Audi A3 viral videoTraditionally car manufacturers were the most boring clients. Most of the ads were conservative. Cars nicely dispayed with some blurb beside - ad is done. But, nowadays there are so many great cars, that that companies turn to marketing as the last resort to stand out from the crowd.

Cadillac's TV ads are very cool. But Audi has outdone them with their somewhat similar, but still innovative viral video to promote their new Audi A3 sportback. Why innovative? I don't want to spoil it for you. ;) It breaks boundaries and makes the ad very personal.

However an other press ad from BMW shows that being edgy can be dangerous. By talking to your primary target group in their language you are taking a risk. Even if you are successful it might alienate certain people. In this ad the headline reads: 'How do you become the "best daddy in the world"? - Just impress his friends'.

BMW press ad

Does that really makes you the best daddy? I think this ad is socially irresponsible, because it suggests that you can buy your sons feelings with a fancy car and all that matters is what car they arrive to school. I think kids wear uniforms in school to try to minimize such materialistic approach. Many parents are trying to teach the opposite of what BMW is suggesting. This ad certainly makes me uncomfortable, unlike this socially responsible piece of communication. BMW lost me, but I'm sure it won others. Are you one of them?

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Recently Honda UK put out this amazing commercial for the new Honda Accords. It is two minutes of Rube Goldberg-esque computer effects, either.

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that audi ad is especially cool for me becuase my last name is Heckinger. Neat ad though, reminds me of minority report a little

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Unethical or socially destructive ideals in advertising? Say it aint so!

Forgive my sarcasm but stuff like the BMW ad has been going on.. forever in the world of advertising. I'd mount this up to bad apples in the basket but it's unfortunately a bigger problem than that.. Most products nowadays exploit some form of socially acceptable method to exaggerate hubris, jealousy or ego.

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i have always been proud of the fact that i bought my 1st (of 4) VW based heavily on supporting the kickass advertising they were putting out.

example: the ad that teased the convertible beetle gave me chills it was so well produced. the 1st time they i saw it, it ended without actually showing the car, just a glimpse of the top opening.

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I think on the other hand that they have the right idea. Kids do not read BMW ads, and they will not buy a car. The main idea of the add is "Buy a BMW to show off" and that is why most people buy one.

Yes a BMW has some of the best technology and handling/power.... but I would say 99% of the people do not know how to drive one. Most of them don't even know all the features of the car after years of driving it. So you might ask, WHY DO THEY BUY A BMW? To be part of that special class where they feel superior to others.

Buy a BMW you rich show-off boy!!!


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Ivan, you are absolutely correct, but so is the previous person who commented.

Here's the bottom line. BMW has the rich, yuppie driving image and is so confident in their automobiles, they don't even NEED to advertise. I never see hardly any ads in magazines, only TV, and they arn't anything spectacular. Personally, I do love BMW. It is a supreme machine. Currently, I am a 22 year old upcoming college graduate enthralled with advertising. "Mark my words. -I will one day work for BMW and create infinately better ads for their company, and their enthusiasts.- Mark my words."

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