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The number one requested feature on cb was to get email notifications when a certain thread has new replies. It is now implemented. See the link that reads subscribe post below any type of content.

For example when you post a critique or ask a question in the forum you will not need to visit the site every 5 minutes to check for replies. Now, you can simply subscribe to the threads of your interest and wait for the email notification when a reply is posted.

You can also subscribe to categories, so for example if you're only interested in Photoshop tips you can subscibe to them by clicking my subsciptions and modifying the settings.

Now, I'm subscribing to this post and wait for the email as soon as you comment.

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This will really add to my positive experience of cb. Nice work Ivan.

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Great addition, Ivan, thanks! :)

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Hi Guys,

Just joined up, thought i would say Hi :)


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Hi! You still look like anonymous though... :)

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