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Adobe CS5 launched

Adobe CS5 is here. At creativebits we celebrate this occasion with a new background for 5 weeks. If you want to join the party you can do so here.

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Photoshop has some nice features, but I'm not that excited.
Seems it's more complicated with all those extra apps (Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder...).

Or am I missing something extra-groovy?

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I wouldn't mind upgrading because of the 64-bit Cocoa rewrite, but I hate how bloated Adobe's freaking software is. I freaking hate that for the god awfully high price I'm forced to install all types of crap that I don't want or need. You would think that after dropping well over a grand you could be given the choice as to wether or not you want to instal that ridiculous Bridge software.

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You CAN choose not to install Bridge - It's in the installer options, along with the choice of all the other apps in the Suite.

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Really is this new? Because I'm fairly certain that under either CS3 or CS4 you are forced to install Bridge.

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I love the boxes...

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I was hoping that Adobe would reduce their prices. I love Photoshop and I have CS1, but with these prices I don't think I will upgrade any time soon. I don't use these tools as much, that it would make financial sense to upgrade.

I think they should release a Home version of their tools, for less...

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Why don't you just upgrade the tools you need individually, rather than an entire suite?

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for me, just like last time, it's some inherent basic stuff in indesign that makes me happy.

- mixed page sizes.
- live corner effects (and different corners, not just all four the same way)
- balanced columns
- column spanning and splitting (where a text box can have different column settings on text inside the text box)
- track changes
- color labels (You can now color-code your pages inside the Pages panel) (ok, it's a silly thing, but with long docs it will help)

dunno if that's worth the price of admission, but since my company has a maintenance agreement, i'll look forward to when they roll it out to all of us.

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InDesign is adding mixed page sizes NOW?

Quark added that... when? 8 years ago?

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Microsoft Paint'11 Imagination Suite comes out next month, you people may want to wait for the good stuff!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Generally, I purchase the upgrade for the Web Design Premium but I may move to individual applications as well, depending on the pricing.

As we continue down the never-ending upgrade model, it becomes more and more difficult to validate Adobe prices when very mac-like, native applications replicate MOSTLY the core functionalities (i.e. Coda, Drawit, Opacity, Pixelmator, etc.) at a fraction of the price.

I'm curious to see how this whole Flash debacle is going to play itself out, too. While I no longer develop for Flash, and generally don't miss it on the iPad, it does have its uses (such as the interactive story at

I'll likely hold off...for now.

Craig Michael Patrick

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