One feature to expect in Leopard

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What will we see in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard? Windows Virtualization? Full Screen Applications? Don't count your chickens, but I do want to point out one subject that apparently a lot of rumor sites have overlooked: resolution independence. Now, before I go into detail, I want to clarify that this is not a rumor site, and thus this is a rare occasion of me posting anything to do with Apple rumors. I do, however, want to spell out the blatantly obvious for people.

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Well that and if you go in

Well that and if you go in the developer tools you will find a tool that does this after you restart an app..

Asked about it in devs list but they said it's to buggy to implement yet so no one will touch it besides apple..

We will have to get vector icons or larger scale icons though, since if you increase the mouse you can see it just gets pixely

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This will have an impact on

This will have an impact on the creation tools for icon and UI design as well as the costs involved in creating artwork that will work from 512px down to 16px. Current vector methods can produce very nice results but it does take extra work to produce the texturing and "dirt" that some icons require. - Icons, interfaces, illustration

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I don't think they will do

I don't think they will do vector icons, those will stay to be images. But, for the rest of the interface they could introduce it.