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OmniWest Medical

OmniWest Medical - a medical lab equipment distributor, they sell a combo of equipment and service which primarily includes high-power microscopes for analyzing blood, etc...

There wasn't much of a brief for this one, other than it had to be "bright" and not contain an actual microscope (too obvious and left no room for future products) - but yet still "imply" the microscope somehow.

This logo is already completed and in use, but I wanted to get some opinions anyway. Fire away!

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As a woman, my first very quick take on this was that it was about diagnostic equipment (that's in your favor!) but I made the connection with discovering a breast lump, which would be more a mammogram/sonogram kind of thing. That's probably pretty off-the-wall, though. Generally speaking, I like it. The shapes around the circle have a vague "fingers doing the OK sign" feeling to them. Or is it sergeant's stripes?

I know. I need to cut down on the recreational drugs.


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looking at it after reading your description, i can see where you were going.

unlike mara, i didn't see the medical stuff (other than the name) before reading the name. the first two things that came to mind were a martini olive and a cueball (i'm not 100% sure why, other than maybe the second circle reminds me of the dot on bumper pool cue balls).

but i do like the O in the negative shape and it reads as "omni" very easily.

west does seem more tightly kerned than omni.

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The mark in this logo represents two things. First, it's supposed to be an "eye" - and second, a really abstract view looking down through a microscope.

I'm not sure I see a martini olive, but I do see a cueball, now that you mention it ;)

Thanks to both of you for the comments!

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Initial reaction with this logo was optical. I keep wanting to read OMNIWEST OPTICAL.

I wouldn't have used a drop shadow...for web apps okay...

I would have flushed the MEDICAL with the base corner of your polygon, reduced the kerning and bolded up the text some more. In a reduced format it may prove difficult to discern, and if ever silk-screened onto lab equipment or embroidered onto lab coats you run the risk of its weak structure.

Overall, I like the look of it. It's eye-catching!

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Thanks for your comments. To clarify:

There is no drop shadow on the actual logo. The gray background and drop shadow were added for the sake of display here.

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I like the fonts. Very relax the logo i can't understand
that's why i can't say any thing about it.

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