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Oh, the irony

The story I wrote about surviving the digg effect got dugg and ironically the server died within 15 minutes of hitting the front page.

On one hand this demonstrates the effectiveness of the tips described. On the other hand it shows that the server was not ready to be dugg, so I didn't practice what I preach. I officially made a fool of myself.

Actually, there is a twise to the story. The server was indeed ready for a digg, but something came up. A second story was made popular 15 minutes after the first story hit the home page. This was a double digg effect. I was definitely not ready for that.

After disabling all dynamic content in the sidebars for at least 30 minutes the site was still unaccessible or terribly slow. Once the two stories moved below the fold on the main page the load decreased a bit and the server recovered.

So, here is one more tip to add to the previous article. Avoid being dugg twice at the same time.

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You gotta admit, it's a really good problem to have! Congrats!

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I'm not complaining. I wish I didn't have to learn from my own mistakes though.

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Super Sweet!!

Anyone know where I can find a copy of that old PC game - digger - for the Mac?

(some people also called it dig-dug.)


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