Use Liquify with caution

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Liquify is a great filter for adjusting the shape of your subjects. Apple-Shift-X brings up the Liquify tool, where you can warp, twirl, pucker and bloat your image, among other tools. The combos that help you change the size of your brush dynamically will work here as well.

Just make sure you separate your subject from the background if it would give away the manipulation. On this shot of Kata Dobo from Maxim magazine the background tiles are distorted showing digital breast enlargement and waist trimming. Btw, I couldn't find this image on the Maxim site, but I did notice that they did not only make a small mistake with this image, but also in copy. They are talking about Kata's "babushka" charms, which means grandma in Russian, however she is Hungarian. Although, I realize not many would concentrate on the background tiles or the copy. :)

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do you have a larger version

do you have a larger version of your example?

clicking on the pic takes you to the rest of her pics, i'd rather see the evidence!

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Not the exact image, but it does show the warped tiles discussed. :)

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In one of the other images yo

In one of the other images you can see that the edge of the tile IS not perpendicular to the other tiles, so perhaps it isn't manipulated...

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Here is an article from Mike

Here is an article from Mike Zornek inspired by this bit with bigger images: http://mikezornek.com/archives/2004/07/26/zooming_scantily_clad_women.php

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If you click on the photos in

If you click on the photos in the original link you'll get a window with larger images, and there are 4 of them. The ultimate proof of manipulation is the image #3 in comparison with image #1. The yellowish tile in the second raw below the right brown tile has a straight edge in #1, and a slanted edge in #3. It also tells just how fat they thought she was! :-D

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I read the first paragraph, t

I read the first paragraph, then clicked the pic before reading the second paragraph. I picked up on the use of the Russian word "babushka" also. So according to the print, she is speading her grandmother charms in Hollywood? I hope someone was looking for a new job after this mistake.

Hungary is not a slavic country, and they don't really like the Russians, having the Russian army on their land for 45 years. The Russian Army suppressed a Hungarian uprising in 1956, killing several thousand people. I lived in Hungary for 2 years, and walked by Russian bullet holes in the neighboring building everyday. I never met a Hungarian over 30 that didn't hate the Russians.

This "babushka" comment must have made Kata Dobo angry. She probably thought Americans are so stupid, and the Maxim readers too.

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Just for reference

Here is a bigger version.

Don't know how but the page above was mentioned as a referrer in the cb stats. (???)