Nightmare Project

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This is a project I did for a Computer Graphics Class last year as a Junior in High School. The task was to effectively illustrate a nightmare using Photoshop. I also added a little branding to it and scaled it to desktop size. It was originally about paper sized (7.5in x 10in) at 300 dpi. So how did I do? All comments are welcome. Don't forget to view it at full resolution so you can see the details.

--Updated on May 6th 2005--

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Nuke the Whales

For some reasons, the Nuke the Whales poster just came to mind (Simpsons) hehe don't mind me.

You did a good job. Only thing i would change are those 'blinding' light streaks. They look more heavenly then anything. Like an angel delivered the nuke.

Ron Gallagher
Citrus Studios

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Holy CRAP! That is freaking

Holy CRAP! That is freaking awesome!

p.s. yeah, I was thinking heaven sent the bomb (or whatever) too.

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Tripping Daisy

Jesus hits like an atomic bomb ;)

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WOW... Really nice work! If

WOW... Really nice work! If I had a big graphic agency, I'd hire you on the spot. Definitely something nice to keep in your portfolio!
"Life is a dream in which you don't remember fallig asleep or waking up. Make the dream worth dreaming, don't just sleep in the idea of waking up." - PIMPTRIX

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Oops... Sorry.

For a second there, I thought you were describing my last project!

Uh... "Nightmare Project," I thought you meant... Oh, nevermind. :)

Good work by the way.

Terry Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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Actually, if you look closely at the full resolution image you can see that there is an evil face inside of the explosion. When I was making this project originally I was thinking of the explosion as having more of an apocalyptic feel. Almost like the scene in Terminator 2 when the woman is in the playground and the explosion goes off nearby killing everyone instantly. But I suppose a death sentence from heaven kind of works as well.

I appreciate the good comments, but can anyone think of a way to make it look less holy and more terrifying?

- JoshuaTree

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Make it not white.

Make it not white.

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I can only suggest one thing...

Lose the nice green colors. That with the rays of light makes it a very positive feeling. Make everything red and desaturated grey.

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I've made a few changes that were requested. I lost all of the green and replaced it with other colors that were pulled from elsewhere in the project. I also made a good portion of the light rays black. How does it look now?

- JoshuaTree

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Now it looks more like a

Now it looks more like a nightmare. Although, I liked it with the green way better. It showed the purity of nature that was going to be destroyed within a fraction of a second. The way it is now, that purity is already destroyed and the whole picture has a dark feel to it.

I liked it better with the contrast between the natural green and the destructive darkness.
"Life is a dream in which you don't remember fallig asleep or waking up. Make the dream worth dreaming, don't just sleep in the idea of waking up." - PIMPTRIX

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High School is a LOT different these days.

I remember getting to use the computers for 1 day! But it was Catholic School - not known for it's Arts Dept.

Very exciting. Keep it up and don't forget to INTERN in college!!

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