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New Year resolutions

A New Year is coming and it's time to make those resolutions. As a creative professional we have to keep pace with time. We have to grow in our profession. We have to become better designers every year. What does it take to be better?

I think this a a good time to sit and think through what you want to do with your life professionally. Where do you want to be in 20 years. In ten or five years from now.

What does it take to get there? Are you going to take up drawing classes again? Are you finally going to learn CSS properly? Are you up for a new challenge and put down the money for a proper digital camera so that you can get into photography? Are you going to finish your personal portfolio site at last? How about getting yourself a new identity? How about learning InDesign or Flash? Is it time to learn typography?

What's the best way to get there? Not just what's the fastest way, but what's the most fun way as well. One must remember, it's not just about the goal. It's also about the way you achieve that goal. You will spend most your professional life getting there, so make sure you enjoy the trip.

We are all running against time. Time is the only thing we can't get more. We all have the same amount no matter where you're coming from. Most people, including myself spend time on things that are not worth it. One must try to make sure every activity we spend time on is consciously decided on. Think about it if it's worth it before you do it. As yourself, is there anything better I can spend time on? I'm not saying to replace your free-time with work, but if you do spend your time on recreation let it be real fun. Not just looking through the newspaper. Read the newspaper to get something out of it. Don't just channel surf. Select and watch the programs you're really interested in.

Examine your daily schedule. See what unnecessary tasks can be sacrificed for something you really want to do. Is it less gaming and blog surfing? Can you take those daily 30-60 minutes and do something really useful and fun with them?

What are you going to put on your list? I will comment in the items that are public from my list once I completed it. It's not going to be long. I want to identify those five things I really want to do next year and focus on them. Giving up many other activities I do today will be a pain. But it has to be done, so I have the opportunity to do the more important five. Feel free to share your plans, maybe it gives me and other readers an idea. Maybe we find some common interests and help each other out.

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I am going to spend less time surfing the internet and more time doing something useful next year.

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Off topic...but whatever happened to all the cb trinkets that used to be available from cafepress? I want something!

- Jeff Yamada

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I have to push harder at self-promotion this year. It's been too easy to let jobs drift my way while I enjoy my full-time design gig. But I know I need to go out and sell myself more as a freelancer

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I want to spend more time with my two sons!


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Charge more.... less. :-)

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January 1st, 2006 marks my first studio anniversary. I'm thinking of several things to improve business, but that must always happen dynamically day-by-day. I plan to move the studio to another location that is more cost effective. I don't get walk-in clients and only do table-top product photography at the studio, why the HUGE space when nobody wants it.

On the health side, I plan to walk more to burn more glucose (I'm diabetic) and loose more fat (I'm obese).

On the family side, I plan more recreational road-trips around the region.

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1. Loose Weight. ( I know it is pretty lame ) I am pushing the scales so much that they say error when I get on them. I just stoped using them...but I don't think that helps. I plan to start running. My whole family runs, maybe that is why I dispise it, but I think this will help me drop 50lbs no problem. I am just lazy as far as physical exercise goes.

2. Push my design to the limit. Make sharp designs for shirts. (if you have a design you think would look good on a shirt email me) I am trying to get it so I can offer muliple colors of shirts for everydesign.

That is really it. I waste alot of time sleeping. (about 5 hrs a night) If I could get my butt to sleep earlier than 2am I could get up an run before work and that would give me more energy at night to do shirts.

On a side not, I did quit smoking this year. It has been almost 6 months and I have yet to celebrate that victory.

*Waleed - My wife is Diabetic...try the insulin pump if you don't have one has worked wonders for her diabetes.

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Thanks nixter,

I'm Type-2 diabetic, which is a result of obesity and a non-active lifestyle. The insulin pump is designed for Type-1 diabetes which uses a different type of medication that is too strong for my body to handle.

But who knows, my Type-2 can evolve to a Type-1 if I don't loose weight and lead an active life (271 pounds now and the doctor wants me to go down to 187).

Wishing you & yours (and all who read) a very healthy and happy life :-)

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Well. I must say that all of this year (or last year?) I had close to zero physical activity. Luckily, I'm not obese. Good luck to you guys.

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Good for you Mackie :-)

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I do have plans. Have been working on them for a while now, but my goals are simple. I want to get more done and improve my coding skills.

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I plan on taking a week long adventure once a month. Just take off, be out of the office for at least 5 days backpacking, road tripping or just finding trouble somewhere in the states.

Let's see how it works.

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