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Need some illustrator help..

I'm quite a seasoned Illustrator user but after having a conversation with my professor about a piece I helped him out with I'm left with a question.

I've attached an image to help out.

1) Each control point has two bezeir handles which can be moved independently of eachother, how can I keep the two exactly parallel in a case where one handle needs to be longer than the other? I know it can be done if you want them at horizontal, vertical or 45 degrees by holding shift but what about inbetween angles? This can be seen in the lower control points that are not like I said...vertical, horizontal or 45 degrees.

I hope this makes sense!

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What I usually do is draw a line at the angle I need my bezier handles to be and use it as a moveable guide. You will need Smart Guides on (from Illy 9 onwards) and lock guides off.

Now make the line at your desired angle and then press command 5 (or go to View/Guides/Make Guide) which will turn your line into a guide that acts as any other guide but if you have lock guide switched off can be moved around like a normal line. now just drag the line from the centre onto the anchor point, waiting till the Smart Guides shows you the 'anchor' tip.

Hope this helps :)


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Nice tip!

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Thanks, I'll try this out later!

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The Mijlee option is totally correct. I just want to make a suggestion about the guides. Illustrator is the only prog I know where you can actually rotate your standard guides. Just draw a guide out of the ruler bars. Then make sure that the guides are not locked (View> Guides > deselect Lock guides). Now use the arrow tool to select your guide and go to the rotation tool. The guide can be rotated just like any other object and you are able to change the center point as well. A little bit off topic I know, but maybe it can help somebody.

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FreeHand do the same work with the guides... actually you can draw a line in any angle... open you window->layer palette....then with the object selected (line, circle,etc.).. click the Guides layer.. and voilá...

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Yeah very possible but I don't know anything about Freehand ;-)

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Not to mention that it appears Freehand is on its last leg...

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