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I am starting a small business named Spectrix Design & Consulting. I'm the web/graphic designer, my husband is the computer consultant. We derived the name 'Spectrix' from spectrum, because we offer a variety of services. I've struggled with a logo for awhile now... can't seem to visualize 'design and consulting' into one logo.

The image and link below are for some final drafts I've done. I like the type in these because it's clean and simple. I tried to do an abstract sort of prism in two of them... please let me known your thoughts, ideas for changes, dislikes/likes.

Thanks in advance for those who reply! :)
Here's a link to a larger image:

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I like the representation in

I like the representation in the 3rd from the top image. The faded reflection shows quite well, perhaps also bring that into effect on the right side of the image by drawing down a reflection off the design - consulting text.

Overall, I like the design and colors, but you might want to consider how it scales and test it off some various background colors to try its effectiveness on various documents. Even go as far to do a straight black and white representation to see how it is put across. The more variables you test, the more you can fine tune your logo into a dynamic image for multiple purposes.

I love the design though, very clean.

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I used the reflection in the

I used the reflection in the 3rd one because without it, it gives the illusion that the triangle is slanted. I could use the shadow effect with the lower text... but might have to use all caps for 'design & consulting'. With the lower caps, the descender of the 'g' would get in the way.

Thanks for looking :)

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Yeah, I forgot about the

Yeah, I forgot about the extending lowercase letters. The shadow effect would look nice, but it is fine plain. The lowercase text matches the rest of the design better than the All Caps used in the first representation. Just experiment with a bunch of different options and see which you like best.