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Narendra Keshkar Design Portfolio

This is my new design portfolio through which I communicate with my clients as well as other professionals. Have a look.

Think, Act, Invent.

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your work is good. but the writing is horribly cheesy and there is WAY too much scrolling needed to see things.

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Thanks for like but writing is what I thought better for it however I'm not a very good at copy but I tried to be simply me. Agree with you regarding scrolling and will solve this issue when I'll find a better way to this.

Think, Act, Invent.

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Good portfolio! only I'm imaging this portfolio on white background... because don't think this palette so good but it's my personal opinion. Sometimes neutral goes better.

Ronaldo! xD

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I also prefer this layout in white but chosen this theme to give a personal feel. This is done to consider the target market in my locality.

Think, Act, Invent.

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I like the general look and feel of the site (might be a bit pink, but it's your personal site, so if you like it....), but the copy is terrible. I am no good at writing copy so always get in someone that is.

Also, it would be nice to be able to expand you work examples for a clearer view.

living on dreams and custard creams.

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i agree that the background just seems a little out-of-place. not what i would expect to find on a graphic designer's site.

i will also agree that there's way too much scrolling to get to what is important: your work. the word "think" is so light in the background it's almost impossible to read and i'm not sure it adds anything. but that's all some people will see, since you put the important stuff so far below it. and that lead in text (which i agree again is very poorly done) is just way too big. this page could be far more compact and thus be far more effective. all of your text is just unnecessarily large.

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Overall, I think it's very interesting because it's unique. However, I'd like to see THINK at the very top and the logo and the menu buttons underneath the two portfolio samples. Yes - it's totally unconventional - but so is your site. The other thing is what Monkey mentioned - that copy in the middle needs a LOT of work. The first two lines are fine - "I'm Neandra and I create..." The three lines under that are totally unprofessional and the mouse reference is just plain silly. I'd rewrite that to say something about wanting to create beautiful work for the client. Overall however - good job.

As always... jmho.

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I'd have to agree that everything could be compacted. I run a pretty large, high-resolution display, and its rare to come across a site that doesn't fit on it. I can't imagine how far someone running at 1024 x 768 must have to scroll.

On your contact page, under the heading "Few Things To Be Understand" it becomes painfully suspect as to whether English is your first language. If it's not, that's not really a problem, until you write copy in English and expose it as a serious weakness. Even if the grammar in this section was flawless, it's loaded with deterrents to hiring you. I can understand the desire to screen potential clients, but those who will make good clients already know the whole "you get what you pay for" thing. I anticipate the condescension will turn away more good prospects than bad. I'd recommend removal of that entire section.

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Thanks for pointing on the points which may need more work. The word "think" is light and there is possibility exists that few visitors may not see that. I'll resolve this issue later. Regarding copy I just added this type of copy to add a little humor and personal feel. However it may seems illogical but I kept this copy to know the reaction of visitors.

Art D. Rector,
"I'd like to see THINK at the very top and the logo and the menu buttons underneath the two portfolio samples. " Good suggestion and I agree with that which will consider when I'll redesign it.

Scrawny. Nelson,
Understood your "Few Points to be Understood" issue and agree with you that it may keep away some clients. But the problem is that I several times receives a query regarding designing service in which client expect things which no any professional will provide at that conditions. Definitely it is not needed to tell a potential customer about these facts and this is not for that customer but these points are for those customers who expect things which is unusual for a designer eg. speciman work, not giving advance, not considering your suggestions and taking your services advantages.

I've noticed that there are a definite set of clients who have similar type of thinking specially in India and hence this part is added to let them aware about these facts and seriousness of design.

Probably my english may not seems good but I'd hired a copywriter for proof reading and if there any grammatical mistakes you seen please let me know so I can correct them.

Thanks to all for your valuable suggestions.

Think, Act, Invent.

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John, we can definitely tell you are not a native speaker of English, and that is most likely the reason for the poor copy. For future projects that are in English, you might want to hire someone from this forum or elsewhere, to edit your copy, just for the security of knowing that if not exactly as you intended it, at least it will sound good to an English speaking audience. What is your native language? perhaps there is another member here who speaks it.

I don't think the issue with your layout is the size as much as it is the square format... I would suggest changing your background to match a standard aspect ratio.

The "Think" graphic:
I agree that there's not enough contrast here, either the background needs to be darker, or the shadows in the graphic need to be heavier. I also agree that it is placed improperly and may not be necessary. Perhaps it could find a place as a header, a background for the menu as long as it's not too distracting, or an opening frame for the slide-show depending on the code for the slideshow, because it would take up two frames ...

The Slide-show:
I like the slide-show, but I think it could be larger and might go well where "think" currently is, with the copy below it, because the slide-show IS your message, at least 50% of your message.

I kind of like the style of your text, it reminds me of a magazine-style quote excerpt ... in fact, you might try a version of this that looks exactly like an excerpt from a magazine article about you: with your "quote" that contains your name and the word "portfolio", a run-around of article, and the slide-show where the article photo might be. I like your use of bold color on your name and the word "portfolio", the other text is not really that important, but people will still read it so it should be correct.

"...and mamma cried: Watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat that yellow snow" - Frank Zappa

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Ya definitely I would like to hire a copywriter for my future projects. Can you suggest someone for this?

The "Think" graphic:
Thanks for your suggestion I would take necessary consideration to make website more effective.

The Slide-show:
Good idea and by doing this the viewer will first look at creatives and then other information which is also an effective way to present yourself.

I'm continuously getting the feedback of copy errors so I'm searching some copywriter who can correct them and can provide perfect words to express what I want.

So it would help if anybody can either suggest any copywriter or suggest some words to correct this copy.

By the way thanks for your detailed feedback it would help me a lot.

Think, Act, Invent.

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