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I just launched a temporary version of my website for an interview i have tomorrow. I would like to keep the same direction for the final version and your comments on this will be greatly appreciated.

A lot of the suggestions that were given to me here were definitely eye opening and will be implemented in a very near future. They are not here yet just because most of the pieces were professionally photographed but a reshoot is already on the way.

I am Brazilian and so is my last name. But I will be looking for jobs in New York City, where I lived for 12 years. The emphasis in the tilde were given to suggest diversity and what I can possibly bring to the table being multicultural. This aspect of my identity will also be implemented in business cards and etc.

check it out: http://www.larissabrandao.com


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To be perfectly frank I would leave it as is.

Leaky Penny

“What ain't no country I ever heard of. They speak English in What?”
~ Jules Winnfield

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I really like the layout

Aesthetically I really like it. Movement, colors, all that work really well. Nice and clean looking, strong font.

The only thing is do you really need the facebook, twitter, fliker, etc.. type stuff on there? I just find it kind of pointless, because I think the only contact info you need on your website would be phone and e-mail. Plus all your samples are right there, so why send someone away from your site?

Maybe a small blog on your site would be good instead of all that stuff.

'I am a patient boy, I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait'

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Not bad!

I like the general feel for it as well, and the colours/layout. :)

I would have to agree with Tyler about all the facebook/twitter/every-other-networking-site stuff. I don't think it's really needed, and I think simplifying the number of links would benefit you the most.

Another thing I thought I would mention, is none of the text is selectable on your site. This really bothers the OCD part of me, haha. I would at least make the descriptions of each piece selectable. I'm not super experienced with SEO, but I know having all your text as images isn't good for it. You'll at least want to add the title and descriptions in your alt tags.

Why is the entire site in a frame? The original is http://home.earthlink.net/~brandaol/. . . .

One more thing. The "cheers" at the end makes me assume a little that you are British. But you are from GA, correct?

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that anonymous person was me. thought I was logged in. =(

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i don't necessarily think

i don't necessarily think it's a bad thing to have facebook/twitter/etc on there (although I would suggest that linkedin would come across more professionally than facebook). but i *do* think it could be less important. right now it's a very significant element on the site. it almost looks like you had space to fill on that bar so you dumped a couple of more elements in there.

but it's nice and simple and clean, and i think that's exactly what a portfolio site should be.

I agree with gwells, many

I agree with gwells, many people are using facebook and twitter for professional purposes, I think it's a good idea to have them in the website.

I really like the website. Cool work as well.

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