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my project for my college

it is a project for our new school and its departments. the letters are DS from design. i want to ask about the logos colors and the fonts.. it is my first serious project :s

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the colors here are weird

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I like the shapes, don't like that it's too geometric and static. Also I don't like the negative shapes the logo forms. The logotype needs work!

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Mmm... What message are you trying to convey with the logo? What I usually do is choose a main colour to use that will carry a certain message within the logo I am designing. For instance green for growth and freshness. Basic colour theory. Then, with that colour in mind and the idea of the message I want to convey I start sketching out the shapes that I want my logo to have. During this whole process I look at diferent logos and typefaces and just random designs to inspire me and through this whole sketcing process I usually end up with a design I am happy with.

This particular logo has really strong and heavy lines and seems to be removed from the Serif typeface. They don't connect at all. And like Ivan said it's far too static for a logo for a design college. I don't think it sucks, but I think you need to take out that sketch book and draw draw draw and look at other logos to find inspiration. Remember design does not live in a capsule and feeds of vacuum apples. It needs inspiration and constant new ideas, but I think the first thing you should ask yourself is: What am I trying to say with this logo?

(Sorry for the long post but I hope it helps)

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bad even made from donuts.

Ronaldo! xD

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thank u all.. specially the donuts guy ;).. the thing is that i used circles to show the continuity and to show movements.. we r here in this collage as students never stop working.. the non-stop, active and full of energy life here is my reason to show this dynamic shape ..

about the font, yes i agree but this is my problem in all of my designs .. i dont know how to use fonts or types in my logos :s

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"i dont know how to use fonts or types in my logos"

TYPE is what separates a designer from an illustrator...

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Seriously telling... do not be soooo 'serious' about creativity, even the most creative God is not so serious about making this world.

Anyway I like the colours of the logo but didn't understand the unnecessarily creative Logo icon. Why should I have to fight to read DS without any cause, is this foundation has anything related to digit '8' or cherry or...?

Like this complex creative has some call relation...


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i love this

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I think the shape is rather interesting, however the d does not read as a d for me. Also like the idea of a mark that will transfer between the different departments of the school. So you have some good ideas here imho.

The problems were already mentioned - the colors are inappropriate for a school. A school is an institution - so don't be afraid to use old people colors - dark tones, etc... Push your scale farther towards "conservative" - a middle tone is considered a "wild" color for a school. Bright colors are great for kids, but they look silly for a university.

So far as the type - you'll have to learn that end. You're too young and inexperienced to know fonts inside out - it takes time. I recommend to every young designer to spend a year or two concentrating on fonts - it will help separate you from the other designers. In the meantime, look at other school logos - see what they are using. Personally, I am not against this serif font - I think it could work for a school. However, it doesn't flow very well with your mark - and the two have to be compatible.

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thank u all i'll work more and see .. :D

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