My new website

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It works via Flash and XML.

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Transitions and load times

The transitions and load times seemed really awkward for me - I found myself becoming impatient and not looking through the whole portfolio, which is a shame because some of the pieces are really nice. Also, the whole site seems like it should be higher up on the page, it's not really at eye level for me, at least on my screen.

My other complaint is I think your logo needs work, it was distracting for me.

Overall it's nice flash work, and a little tweaking could do it. :)

Perfectly Lost Designs

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Great comments

Thank you very much. Really constructive! Your site is really nice by the way.


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Label your work

I got very confused looking at your samples. You should probably label them to give them context. Otherwise, cool site!

Can you make the initial load in screen come straight in horizontally instead of diagonally? Would be less distracting to the eye.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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Totally true!


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overall, looks good. clean,

overall, looks good. clean, unique layout. glad to see another person from Brooklyn. if possible, i would revise the logo a bit though.

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2 against logo

Thanks! That poor logo is sweating now..dumdadumDUM!



I love this! One thing thought to get your creative juices flowing....everyone in design uses a lot of 4 sided shapes within a grid. Maybe someday someone could uses ovals, triangles, rhombuses etc. etc.......

just a thought...what you have is great too.


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