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Monaawed New Logo

Dear all,

Nice to meet you all here. Friend of mine offered me a challenge to redesign his business identity. Currently logo is a Volkswagen mirror logo. The VW brand rotate 180°. I suggest him to design a new one.

Monaawed is a group of business including financial services, phones and electronic shop and a steel constructor. He wants me to create a new fresh one that represents his business. A unique form so public can recognize it easily. He do love a blue color. Color that he's trying to socialize to his employee since the company found.

Keywords are finance, sales, service and group.

Here's my concepts. Need your suggestion please. Thanks.

Monaawed New Logo

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By "concepts", do you mean "concept", since I'm only seeing one there?

The colors are bright and modern and go together well. The symbol looks OK, but if it's supposed to communicate anything, it's lost on me. The finance/phonoshop/group is smaller & thinner, but being in all caps makes it compete with the monaawed. All small letters would be better.

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It's growing me I'll say that, was about to write something to the accordance of that I wasn't a fan of it but I can see it being a corporation, especially in the financial sector. The only thing that it doesn't truly reflect is steel constructor mentioned in your post- phones, not so much but I can see it working because of how ambiguous a lot of telecom retailers are.

I'd decapitalize your sub-text (finance, phoneshop, group) because it's competing with your monaawed text. Have you thought about making both sentence case? Is the logo supposed to say something specifically? It looks very ambiguous (which is more than appropriate for collective groups like these).

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that yellow sliver kinda disappears...

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I agree that the all-caps (FINANCE, PHONESHOP, GROUP) don't work at all. That typeface is too narrow, thin and ordinary. Doesn't compliment the logotype. FInd one that is a closed sans-serif mate for the logotype, and do it lower case. Aren't slashes and swooshes overdone? Very 90s. If you want to do the O, make the stroke much thicker. Right now, it's weight is too much like the "manaawed"; in fact, at first, I thought it was "Omanaawed." With this problem in mind, you might try placing the mark above the logotype.


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+1 to maras's "Omanaawed" but i saw "Qmanaawed" and didnt feel compelled to take the time to figure out how to pronounce that and just moved on.

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this palette and font choice are cheap.
I like the zen feeling, the logo could be a iron peace to decorate a garden, but I feel a lack of trustness because it seems a little "trip to nowhere".

yes I'm brazilian xD

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+1 to qwertyale's comment about the colors. I realize your client likes blue, but this shade does look cheap. Perhaps you could consider a more sophisticated shade of blue. While you're at it, you might want to consider a shade of yellow that has more gravitas, if you want to stick with that blue/yellow palette.


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