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metal (steel) business cards (laser cut)

Hi there

Hi there
We are studing new materials for original business cards.
This is the last experiment. Steel and laser cut.
I can not say the other materials (they are secret and prototype) but they have high brilliance and are super lighter.
Have a look at this model.


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Looks really nice.

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You can also use it to cut cheese.

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LOL. It would be great for a cheese shop. :)

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ah ah ah, yes!
I thought it was good as a vegetable grater!
Ok, in the next post I will show: the new collection of business cards double use: for image and for kitchen!
Is an interesting idea!


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I'm sorry! My album on flickr is lost.
Here photos (real photos, not photomontage) of metal steel business cards. We are working around other type of metal steel business cards (thickness less).

We have realized other metal business cards (on aluminium and anodized aluminium).
Here some photos:

Metal steel business cards

Aluminium business cards


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Im loving that bottom red one, very stylish, although can imagine it getting filled with bits of dirt etc

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