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Macs cost less to manage than PCs...

... according to IT survey.

Interesting article all around - worth a read. But I like this part...

"After having worked in a PC-only office environment, I'm not surprised at all that Macs turn out to be cheaper to manage than PCs. The Dell workstations we used at my last job in the US crapped out on us all the time, and software issues cost us hours of lost productivity every week. Between Windows XP, Office 2000, IE 6, and Lotus Notes, our IT admins were kept very busy, especially since almost none of the rank-and-file office workers had the confidence to troubleshoot even the most basic Windows errors themselves. This was at a very large media corporation, too, one that easily could have afforded better hardware and software if they hadn't been so entrenched in the "Macs are too expensive" mindset.


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You get what you pay for. :)

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couldn't agree more :D~

will work for fun :))

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This part you quote is talking more about software than hardware. MS Windows is really bad thing but good thing is that you choose Unix OS :)

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