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This is the newly made site for my media studio. I actually redid this about 10 times, using 10 different designs before I decided to stay with this one. :)

Live URL: http://macintalk.com/studio/

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btw, I was thinking about making a logo for it...what do you guys suggest?

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First off, I think you have

First off, I think you have too much copy and it's intimidating to read. I don't think many people will get past the first paragraph. And it took me reading the entire paragraph to realize what skills you were pitching.

Start with something like, "Macintalk Studio is a web design studio, and we've been at it for the last 4 years." Say what you do RIGHT OFF. Keep in mind, no client knows or cares what PHP and mySQL are. They do care about what they can do. So tell them you can build them web applications to do many functions, from content control to ecommerce.

Next, I'm not really sure about the imagry. What does that photo have to do with your firm? Do you want people to think of you as the kind of firm they would call if they found your sticker on the back of a road sign, like a bar or strip club might do?

The reflected edges at the top and bottom are kind of neat, but you should really only have one - the bottom. Otherwise the "real world" visual effect is lost. And use the perspective tool on it to make it spread out a bit like a real reflection.

I am guessing the whole thing will be one image, type included, otherwise your copy will blow well past the bottom when someone brings up the type size. (Which they will do!)

Little things: The blurred out truck really bothered my eyes. I couldn't see why you'd have it blurred out. It's like watching MTV when the Dr. Dre has a marijuana leaf hat on. It just puts more attention on it.

What do the icons mean at the top left? While we're at it, what do the icons mean at the bottom left. I assume the old school system 7 icons for system folder, read me, disc first aid and a plainf older mean something - like they are the main navigation. But you are a Mac guy, they know that. Prove it buy making your site Mac-like. Conform to Apple's HUI guidelines. Never put an icon on the screen without some other indication of what it does (a name.) Remember, most people won't look to the bottom left of your site for navigation.

The script name does not match the "Mac-ish" look of the whole thing. Is that your official logo? I remember you had talked once in another thread about wanting to come up with one.

I know I'm seeming harsh. So here's what I DO like. I like the bitmap pattern in the top right. I like that you are trying to do something different. You are being creative with it. It has some "wit" to it. Reminds me a bit of a site I did for myself about 8 or 9 years ago that was based around a picture of an old refridgerator, with all of my work stuck on it with magnets. The thing was HUGE and took forever to download. I put it up and realized about 2 days later that it wouldn't work. I replaced it as soon as I could.

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As far as a logo, perhaps

As far as a logo, perhaps you could do something using the "leaf" from the Apple logo. Although, I'd watch out for Apple legal. :)

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I like the concept of this layout. I think it is clever, but the navigation is not clear and confusing to the common user.

The other thing is that I don't like the cursive font you used for the main logo. I think the logo should be bigger and more noticable. I would think a street sign would be a cool logo to play with your layout. I hope this helps.

my work: http://kritios.net

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Body copy font is way too

Body copy font is way too small. I definitely like all the graphics. I really like the layout and everything... but I just wouldn't put that much text on the first page.

Also, you probably don't want to put your email address on your page as I've heard that can get you to receive more spam. I also don't think I would use the phrase "desktop publishing"... that is normally is used in a bad way... like, of someone who doesn't really know what they're doing but made their kid's birthday invitations.

I might list your services in bullet form rather than in a paragraph to help people find things in the list and to make it easier to read.

Oh, and I don't think the cursive font really fits into the theme of this site... but I'm assuming that's the part you needed help with... ?

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could be

the images could be very interesting but need a bit of work. I wouldn't be afraid of going a little more horizontal so you don't have to scroll to see what looks like your navigation way at the bottom. Lots of people hate to scroll. Also you might want to try using your edges and enlarging the whole thing a bit.

it is original though. take a look at the icon for "path finder" it's a street sign, if you're interested in going that route as kritios suggested.

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clicked the button twice and dont know how to delete this.

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Thanks for the comments.

It's only a small studio, so being overly professional isn't a concern. This does not mean we do a shitty job, it's just that we don't wear ties and bland websites. :)

I'll try to do something about the content issue. The fact is, almost all of the design sites have no more content than this, so why split it on 5 pages? It's good to have all the major info on one page...I'll try to trim the body copy though and it should be OK after that.

I am also planning to make a PHP contact form, and perhaps a portfoiio. I do have dozens of things to put in the portfoilo, but I would rather not make one if it is not necessary. Do you guys think it's important to have one?