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Mac OS X Lion

Apple posted a preview page about the upcoming OSX 10.7 features. Here is the list, which one excites you the most?

  1. The Mac App Store built in
  2. Launchpad (iPad like home for your apps)
  3. Full-screen apps
  4. Mission Control (Updated Exposé+Spaces)
  5. Gestures and animations
  6. Auto Save (Intelligently only changes are saved)
  7. Versions (Time Machine for live documents)
  8. Resume (Reopens everything after a restart)
  9. Mail 5 with Conversations (Like Gmail)
  10. AirDrop (Easier file sharing)
  11. All-new FileVault (Supporting external disks)
  12. Lion Server (Now included in all installations)

Mission Control in action

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dont see anything there thats going to make my life any better...

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Same here. When I bought my computer back in Sept(?) one of my friends was practically begging me to hold off for this upgrade. Resume sounds nice - but not worth waiting months for it.

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I liked the iOS app icons.

Think so dumb to find app by initial letter of name, and mostly hard to find them too if you have a lot of app.

The "stack" view of icons at dock is a real failure, I always hate them when you have a lot of itens. The folder view too... it's hard to go down without to click anywhere and see the folder disappear and need to restart the search for the apps.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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