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Image size info in Finder

Show item infoFor a person working with images all day seeing the pixel size of images in Finder can be very useful.

To get this feature in Finder press Apple(Cmd)-J and switch on the Show Item Info option in the window preferences. You will instantly see a second row of information below your image files set in a nice small blue typeface. It's actually white for the files on the Desktop.

This option will also show the number of items in a folder or the size of a volume and available free space, but these are less exciting than the image size for me.

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Just tried this, it also indicates whether the image is RGB or CMYK (this is a MASSIVE bonus for me!) and shows the embedded colourspace. Thanks for the tip.

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I'm not seeing the 'RGB/CMYK' info- where?

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Aw this is wonderful, thanks again Ivan!

Ron Gallagher
Citrus Studios

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This is a great tip and very timely too; I'm working on a Mambo template at the moment and was looking for something like this.

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