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iChat gets options with Chax

chaxI've been using iChat for a while now with my GMail account, but HECK it's frustating with all the little windows and iChat disappearing behind other application windows and always asking "...accept?"

So... Google to the rescue and I discover Chax, a nifty little plugin to make iChat a tad more user friendly. Here's a small list of what I consider highlights, from a long list of features:

  • Display Address Book nicknames instead of full names
  • Tabbed chats, allowing you to keep all of your chats together in one window
  • Always on top option for user lists, text chats, and audio or video chats
  • Unread message notification in the dock
  • Automatically reconnect when disconnected
  • Disable alert sounds when away, idle, or available
  • Show status changes directly in the message window
  • So, where do I get it?

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    That sounds nice, I'll give it a whirl :)

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    Too bad I'm using Adium.

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    I have some questions about Adium... I'm giving it a spin.
    1 - Can I do "always-on-top" windows?
    2 - Can I clear the chat windows?
    3 - Any other hints that will make the Adium experience more fun?

    I must admit that I love it so far...

    Francois de la Mintsauce
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    I love chax, but I've been having a problem lately with it disappearing and not being able to do anything with ichat except close it after it disappears.
    I've been able to pinpoint it disappearing whenever inDesign is running although it works fine with all other apps so far.
    Has anyone else encountered anything like this?

    Very Respectfully,

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