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Exclude disks from Spotlight indexing

When you connect any external drive to your Mac Spotlight will immediately start indexing it. This makes sense in most cases because you want to be able to search them later on, but in certain situations you may want to exclude drives. Examples for such need may include:

  • Drives with private information that you don't want others to see, especially if you're on a shared computer.
  • Large drives that are connected only temporarily and you don't want Spotlight to waste CPU and hard drive resources on indexing them.
  • Backup drives which contain the same files as your primary disk and it's annoying to see the same results from two drives show up when searching.

There is a simple solution to exclude any drive from Spotlight. Go to System Preferences / Spotlight and click the Privacy tab. You can add any drive that is currently connected to you Mac in there and Spotlight will never again attempt indexing them.

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