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Change default application associated with an extension

I wanted to change the default application that opens certain types of files in OS X. For example I wanted to open images in Photoshop every time rather than Preview as most of the time I need to edit them, rather than just view them.

The guys at macminute cafe helped me out with an extremely simple solution I had no idea about.

Just Get info (select and press Apple-I) on the file in question. In the section Open with: you have open the drop down menu and select the application of your preference. Finally, click the Change All button. This works most of the times.

CreativeGuy pointed out, that in rare cases when it will not work one may need to use the freeware app called RCDefaultApp. This gives you a preference panel that offers many options to associate certain file types with applications.

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But the weird point is that when you change the "open with" application, the size of your file changes! I mean the file for which you got info!

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