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Applications folder pop-up

Can't fit any more apps in your dock? For a quick access to all of your Applications, drag the Applications folder to the dock next to the Trash. Once the Applications folder icon is in your dock you can click and hold it or CTRL click it. A pop-up window with all your Applications will come up. It's scrollable by just moving the cursor to the top or bottom of the page. Obviously you can do the same with any other frequently used folders.

Alternatively, you can try multiDock to manage up to 128 docks. :)

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I've used this tip since OS X first came out. So much so that when I go to another person's computer to do something I find myself always going down there to launch non-docked apps.

I also keep my Developer, Home, Desktop folders there as well.

~ Mike Zornek

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you could use this tip or go get a new 30" screen :)

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I'm more partial to the free and useful TigerLaunch. Main apps go in the Dock. Apps I still use but not so often go in TigerLaunch.

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Also, to make space in your dock, drag out the MS Office icons and drag the whole MS Office folder next to your bin to have an MS Office pop-up folder. You will save 4 icon spaces. With aliases of applications you can create other categories to save space in your dock, such as "media players" or "instant messengers".

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