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ok this is my first illustration im putting up because thats all i can find right now lol, anyways the project was to do a corporate identity for dog food, we could go in any direction we wanted to... i used the influence of ' The nanny' and the perfume 'hoity toity' my first corporate id i did.

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Nice concept and artwork

Not at all appropriate as a viable corporate ID for dog food in my opinion, perhaps a posh dog grooming salon or something but it doesn't fit for a competitive retail scenario.

Still, I love the illustration.
Confused at the lack of shoes though.

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mmmm the shoes well i was battling to draw those that is why i left them put lol, nobody complained here. i hear what you are saying and now that i have a littlw knowledge behind me i agree completly it was my very first assignment after all... i was going for more of the female client and the upper market because everybody else chose to do butch things, didnt have to be a general thing it was our choice, but generally speaking it doesnt work. lovebites was more the treats than actual pellets and tins sorry i think i just said dog food...

thanks keep em coming
(standing with bullet proof armour on :) )

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Nice Start

I agree with Plugz on the groomer idea. You might consider it as a speciality dogfood sold at selected groomers only. It might be interesting to see whether statistically men or women shop for dogfood (since it usually comes in big heavy bags.)

Men won't go for a package that makes Buster look like a prissy. Buster demands respect with that studded collar.

Business card: The main details are too froofy. Collect the information in bits... it's to spaced out vertically. Try to get some "white space". The artwork itself is nice. Very well done. You've just started? You'll be doing very well by the end of this year.


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mmmm that is the feel i get from it now lol, yeah thanks last year was my first yeah so i just started, and now went to a better institute so i will actually learn elements and principles (which i see now they are very important) i didnt have the theory last year and just jumped straight in. oh and the stats i did those lol :) woman in south africa do basically all the shopping, and weight isnt the issue there are many options to help them, like people who work in the shop, online shopping that gets delivered to you etc and we physically strong here not in a hulk way though, but as i said in my reply above myself personally, because we were given free rain, i went towards the upmarket spoofy side. it is actually treats not really tins and huge ass bags :) sorry i do tend to leave these things out. oh yeah lol the business card i dont get those things all that much so thanks for the tips hey :) could learn so much from you old farts hehe,mmmmm ive heard white space a lot dammit :)

processing infomation received hmmmmmmmmm
plugging the other ear so that it doesnt escape hmmmmmm
lol enjoy thanks