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As per you guys suggestion, I scraped my old logo and back with a new one with new concept. Here is the description.

This is the logo for my own designing firm called Eyedea LAB. We provide services on Web & Graphic designing.

As our tag line says "Ideas for Eyes" and the name is also a amalgamation of Idea + Eye, we wanted to depict a 'Wow' expression of eye on our logo. So we made the logo-gram with the 'e' of 'Eyedea' and gave it a look of 'wide open eye' expressing 'Wow'. Now you tell us is it done right or...

Ready for praise or even rotten tomatoes.

Thanks in advance!


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I dont mind it at all.
At first i thought it was another bloody on / off button but i like the eye concept.
I think the text is too small, but looking on your website you have addressed this.
Clean, tidy. nice work.

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This is very good. But the word LAB needs to be a part of the logo, not seem like it was an after thought.

Leaky Penny

We artists are indestructible, even in a prison cell or concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell. - Pablo Picasso

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WAY better than your previous effort!

id set lab in the same font as eyedea but like the idea of it being orange

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words bigger, same color but also use the same font for both words, eyedea and lab, same weight and size , just keep the color as you have it

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I think it's quite good in concept, and the version at the top of your home page answers the proportion and kerning comments I'd have made here.

I threw some raw meat in there and she went for it.

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i don't think that eyedea and lab necessarily need to be exactly the same typeface/weight, but i *do* think there are some pretty severe line weight issues there. there's a serious lack of balance.

not unlike when people fake small caps and the initial cap looks way too heavy. except this is taking it farther than that.

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Great Logo!

The LAB isn't working in my opinion, because it almost looks like a BETA add on or something like that.

Keep proportions on the logo on your website, change the kerning esp in LAB or remove that type all together and try add it in differently.


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It looks like the main problem is on my tail 'LAB'. And you know it was a problem for me all the time or I was unable to manage it.

You people made some great points, I'm keeping them on my notes. Please keep them coming. Once again BIIIIIIIG THANKS!


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