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Client wants full-color logo for immediate use in color copies and newspaper advertising. He asked for a "superhero contractor defending the home against hurricanes." He may, in the future, want a scaled back logo for use on shirts, letterhead, etc...

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It's some think like electrician, draw some storm aground the huse shoed, and the man is stand and his shadow is protecting the home then show is power understand ?
(sory my english is not so good) . You write 2 shorts notes, like Keeping the stroms out since 1998 and Exterior Protective specialists both are not working i think .

One show one home destroyed with storm and other safe in the hands around the man in the logo.
Well any way you are better then me.

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Designs is What makes me Happy!

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This isn't a logo

You don't have a logo there, that's an entire ad.

Get rid of the house, the guy, the stupid mark of a storm on the left side, the "since 1998" text, change the fonts - then you have the beginning of a logo.

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Big time agree with Jim. This

Big time agree with Jim. This is an illustration/full-scale ad layout. When executing a logo, try to break it down to its most fundamental base.

Also, for presentation purposes, deliver what the client asked for, but also throw a couple more into the ring that are your own concepts.

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it's also all cliche clipart

it's also all cliche clipart and no concept.

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Sorry but this looks like a terrible ad someone did in MSWord. Start over, tell the client he's an idiot for wanting a "superhero contractor"(yes, I know you can't really tell the client he's an idiot) in a logo. Develop a concept that can better tie together the elements in a way more subtle fashion. Come up with something way better then his suggestions and present, he'll change his mind about wanting the clipart bullshit.

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This would maybe have been good for a logo 50 years ago in tajikistan. Maybe you should try something else. Oh and btw that cant be a logo.

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the Hurricane looks like two overlapped commas.

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No logo here.

I agree with JimD, it's not a logo. It's an advertisement. A logo should only have a couple of elements. You've got at least 5 here. Start over and simplify. Also, make sure it's a vector illustration so that it can be used in a variety of situations.

Edit: After looking at your portfolio, it seems that this isn't the first time you've designed something like this and claimed it as a logo. I would suggest reading up on what a logo actually is and how to design one before trying again. I wrote a rant about it a while back, but I would suggest doing some more research to really overhaul your entire concept of logo design. It will really help in the long run.

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You are all quite right... I appreciate your taking the time. Enjoy your day!

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