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spazio is a spa.... basicaly they wan to attract more indians....to this spa....here i hav done one optoin for logo....n i wan comments from u people.....

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so... how does your logo

so... how does your logo accomplish the goal they gave you to "attract more indians?" i'm actually curious as to what it is about their old logo that doesn't attract indians.

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Scratch the flower or redraw it

It's kind of strange to me that "attract more Indians" is the goal of the logo. That is what marketing is for.

Regardless, the pink flower is way too heavy in the logo, and looks out of place with the petals beveled while the rest of the logo is flat. The placement/size also feels out of place.

I would suggest thickening the curved "I" so it looks like it matches the rest of the type. Right now it's much thinner and looks unnatural/added in as an afterthought.

Also, consider that having a flower (at least a daisy like that) makes the spa seem very feminine. Is this your target audience? Imagine the flower not being there, and notice how it suddenly appears more gender neutral. Just a thought.

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Right now - all I'm seeing

Right now - all I'm seeing is SPAZO. And that is NOT GOOD.


"Did I really try to find an "undo" button on a vending machine?"

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