logo for a lake marina

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These are the first few concepts i have created for a local lake Marina. Per client: "get creative & cool...don't hold back. Need easy to replicate two-dimensional and color splash designs." This is intended for their website, but will eventually make its way onto t-shirts, hats, etc. Any thoughts before i submit these to the client?

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Remove grays

Remove all grays to make sure these designs will work on all medium, especially top right. For tshirts the most economical is one color printing, so using black tells you immediately if you'll be able to pull that off.

Colors can always be added later.

Can you update and repost?

Powerpoint is not a design application

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*takes heed*

while i agree with you in designing with output in mind, i'm not really convinced it is necessary to design only in black and white here. I chose grayscale because the client has made it clear that they want multiple colors in the design, i just don't want them to reject these initial ideas based on color...

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Right, however you should do black and white anyway to ensure your logos are coherent. The gray obfuscates that, in my view. Try it and you might see I'm right. :)

Start with your lowest common denominator and work up from there.
Powerpoint is not a design application

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Top Right

I'm quite fond of the top right logo.

The best idea is to make sure before hand in which media the logo will be applied. Then find out what the budget is for said media. If the client will be spending the dosh to print shirts in two or more colours, don't be limited by trying to design a one colour logo.

There might be some other applications of the logo that will require only 1 colour, like a fax for instance - but that can be easily solved by using a dithered B&W image.

Top left and middle are too busy.
Bottom left has (in my mind) three contrasting elements. (brush line, hard block and serif font - it doesn't hang.)
Bottom right has a nice feel to it, except I can't exactly make out what those lines are - could be an anorexic whale. (Yes, I see it's the V, but as part of the image, I'm not sure.)

That said, can't wait to see your next post.

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a comical opinion about the center logo

I think someone (me) might quickly glance at the logo and read "Violent Marina" with a graphic of shark infested waters. LOL.


One thing I think you should consider is the idea that a marina does have more than just sail boats. You have only sail boats and one may assume that this marina is exclusive to sail boats. Just a thought.


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revisions have been made. Thank you for your comments. And let me just point out that this is my first test drive of illustrator CS3 on a brand new iMac HD, and i LOVE it! But WTF happened to the color filter options (no convert to grayscale, CMYK, etc option...)????

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I think I saw a few of those of "C" Street Pier in Ventura, CA. Looking like sharks. Sorry. I think I like you earlier version, top right. I am liking the direction with font choices though.

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The top left and top right ones really look like shark fins to me...

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your right...

that seems to be the general consensus, which is why i had the earlier version drafted in more detail and in grayscale. But keep in mind these are roughs and will eventually be in color. Not to toot my own horn... but i think the illustrative quality is quite nice and will really come together when set in color.

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but i think the illustrative quality is quite nice and will really come together when set in color.

Don't count on this though. Your logo should stand up in black and white first without color. Color is spice to the stew, not the stew itself, in my opinion.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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Top right

I agree - I like to cleanliness of the top right logo... but unfortunately, I agree with garyW:

I think someone (me) might quickly glance at the logo and read "Violent Marina" with a graphic of shark infested waters. LOL.

I think your art is very sophisticated and shows real talent - but I still see "violent" shark-infested waters. What colors are you planning to utilize in the logo - obviously color can have an impact because if those were colorful sails, like pink and yellow or whatever (anything but grey!), then my eye's probably wouldn't see "violent"shark-infested waters.

Don't like the font with the upper right logo, though... not at all. I feel you have a very hand-sketched looking logo, and it either needs a hand-sketched looking script font, or a really clean san-serif font for nice contrast.