Logo for a Dance Class - Take 2

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hi all this is in continuation of my previous post.

last one

I definitely think that the last one has potential, I like the mark, but I think you need to work on the type a lot, choose something else that complements with the mark and work on the kerning, also abhishek zaveri's totally gets los in there, but definitely this one has potential.

Hope that helps

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Last one is good, but I'm

Last one is good, but I'm kind of leaning towards the third one. The A is more distinguishable as an A, and it has a nice Rumba sway happening to it. The "." at the end of DANZ is a little disconcerting--either colour the period and the head on the "A" in the same and ONLY second colour, or drop it all together.


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Both of the last two are

Both of the last two are good, but I think I have to agree with 3dogmama, and choose the 2nd last. The "A" in the bottom one looks too much like a Christmas tree to me (shape and color both).

I would play around with the 2nd last one a little more. This "A" is good, but emphasize the dance quality of it even more. I would recommend getting rid of the period at the end altogether. And add some color into this logo! I'm a dancer, and vibrant colors and excitement will likely be very appealing to the studio and dancers looking to participate in the class.

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The second one to the last

The second one to the last caught my eye, I would use it as one to model from . Great color in the last. L A McWatty

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Have you tried different colours

Have you tried different colours, particularly for the last one? I agree the last two are the strongest, but I think the last one might look less christmassy if you changed the green, unless you're going for the christmas effect, then add a star and have santa getting down with it and go mad... good start though, agreed about the font on the last one too, maybe try it with type in third one?

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Like last one

I like the bottom one with a color other than green. Maybe red to show passion and fun? But first, make sure the icon works in black and white. Do it in all black to see if the icon still makes sense.

The other options are too corporate/skewed to really work for this client.

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however the client is trying

however the client is trying to build a brand with this that is corporate and fun. He however is refusing to change the name A-Danz which unwieldy and clunky.
He has opened a café A-danz café too and hope's to have many such ventures.

Any suggestions