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Logo Concept REVISED

Logo for a urban clothing store (they sale hip-hop cloths and shoes) which main goal is to hook Their customers up with the best prices. Pleas let me know how I can improve this logo.

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I can see what you tried to do with the graphic of the hook, but the first thing I saw was a "devil's tail". What kind of clothes do they make? If it's not naughty lingerie, I would rethink the hook placement. Just a thought. Also, looking it at from farther back it sometimes appears like "Look-Up" with a graphic to the left.

Thank you for not choosing a graffiti font. ;)

Perfectly Lost Designs

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That's immediately what I thought of as well. i didn't see it as a hook at all, despite the name (which, combined with the "devil's tail", gets pretty suggestive — at least in my mind!). I would definitely work on getting away from that, if that's not what kind of business it is.

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I think it's a good start. Like seraphim, I saw a devil's tail first but made the hook connection after reading the name. You could make it look more like a fishing hook. I think Urban Fashion is too similar to the text above it, maybe try some variation in the fonts.

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I immediately associated the 'hook' with fishing apparel. The juxaposition seems out of place between the meaning of 'hook-up'.

Also keep in mind the 'gaffing hook' used to spear large fish. It makes it appear the company is going to gaff customers so they can pull them in. In that sense the logo says exactly the opposite of what you want.

To improve the logo you'll most likely need to ditch the hook and play with ways of visually 'connecting' hook and up.

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will design some concepts with out the hook

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I agree with NRG, just because the name has a "hook" it doesn´t mean u have to make the logo so literal. A hook is something quite aggressive.

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I like the bottom left the most-- needs a lot more work though.

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I think the "hook" you want in this context is more along the lines of "hook-and-eye," a type of closure device. You want to play with that plus the social meaning of "hookup."

Viewed that way, the fish hook thing is less to the point than the "devil's tail," but neither is precisely right.

Fun project,huh?


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On logos 5 & 6 because they're more subtle. But they look like arrows on the other logos. Either way, it's very "see say" and I think they could go without them.

My personal preference is 5.

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I don't like the new font you chose for "Urban Fashion" it looks very out of place. Also, the new hook looks dangerous. Looking at it almost hurts. I do however, like the colour combo you chose.

The "Up" with an arrow up is overused, so I would stick with trying to come up with a logo using the play on "Hook".

Perfectly Lost Designs

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