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This was the one I had before the glowing "skeleton" :) but I decided to scrap it cuz it didn't look cheery enough. Did this one show quick, customer satisfaction, small town?

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The yellow is hurting my eyes...

the face is freaky, and doesn't really convey quick, customer service nor does it convey small town feel.

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I have to agree. I'd go back

I have to agree. I'd go back to the sketch board with this one. My first impression of it was a glowing, grinning skeleton with killer eyelashes.


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The text...

U use in this logo is small. When U want to use this logo in a site or any designing that U want to use smaller form of it, the text isn't clear. I think that U should enlarge "westerncarolina" than web design. Because U should focus on it.


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I agree with pixeler

I thing you should enlarge and maybe use a different font for the U and C in "westerncarolina" and maybe another color that goes with the web site.
Lou Lou

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Shrink this logo down a bit

Shrink this logo down a bit and you'll start to notice the text disappears. This is not a good thing.

Work more with proportions and usage to come up with more usable logo ideas. Show us your top three from that exploration. Do them in black and white. No color at first.

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