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trying to finish some project for the portfolio night this spring,

in this assignment we were supposed to create a full page magazine ad for a handheld multi language translator by Lingo.
my concept behinde this one was to use a baseball field signs for home team and visitors which normally point opposite directions.

any comments and suggestions are welcomed

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Great concept - well thought

Great concept - well thought out and clear.

My only concern is the headline. Sort of lingers - not really a complete though - usually you hear something like "Are you and your clients on the same team" - or "Are your employees on the same team." Something like that. Then, the question is never really answered in the copy.

But - you might have been given the copy as part of your assignment. :)

My other comment would be that the lower section seems a bit tight vertically. Seems like you have quite a bit of room to work with up top - maybe expand the bottom, lead out the copy a bit, and make the product a bit larger. Might clean up the page a little.

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Needs some more work

I really like the ultra clean layout of this ad. As Sean indicated the bottom is a little tight and the product is a bit small for my liking.

As far as the headline goes, I grew up playing sports and I'm completely missing the connection of the message and photo to the product. What does playing for the 'same' team have to do with langauge translation? Wouldn't you in a way be playing with 'both' teams with a device like this? Or, put another way, "playing both sides of the fench."

Quick ideas... Headline: "No matter what team you play for we've got you covered". Maybe put the VOGAGER in between the Home and Visitor signs to visually show what it does??? [Home on left with arrow pointing in, VOYAGER in the middle, vistor on right with arrow pointing in. To me that would make more sense as normally teams are on opposing sides [arrows pointing out], but now they are in a way 'playing together' with the help of the Voyager.

For an A+ you could even replace the generic text "Can you make a reservation for me" on the Voyager screen with something more appropriate to your message. "Do you want to play ball?" If you don't know Russian, like me, goto

Also, in the copy it reads, "The LINGO VOYAGER 2 is newest electronic...". That should read "The LINGO VOGAGER 2 is the newest electronic...".

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this concept was based on the idea of "miscommunication" of 2 teams/people playing the same "game". so by photoshopping the image, and changing the arrow direction i wanted to emphasizes more on the idea that from now you are working in the same direction, not in the opposite.
thank you for you time mate

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Is this for a Russian design class or english?

I understand the 'general' idea of the arrows going the same direction. I'm just not convinced changing the arrow direction on the 'visitors' sign and asking the reader to be on the 'same team' works for a great majority of men in America.

In the United States many grow up with VERY deep feelings for what they consider 'THEIR' team. Neighboring teams are often viewed as the 'arch rival'. Example... In Wisconsin we LOVE the Green Bay Packers and HATE the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

Here's how many would answer the question in this ad. "HELL NO, I don't want ANYTHING to do with THAT team!" As a designer I wouldn't want those feelings associated with the product being advertised.

I think what you might be getting at is something more along the lines of a football team trying to play against a baseball team and helping one understand the rules of the other sport so they can 'play together'.

Right now this message is lost on me.

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this ad is intended to be used on the north american market,
and i also understand your thoughts about Greenbay packers, i have to live in this state for now, and honestly, it's only wisconsin fans are so ridiculous about their sport teams, especially the one which can't win a thing. but anyway, i don't want to make this conversation to go the wrong direction ;), i appreciate your opinion and your suggestions, they are really helpful, but my intension was to make an ad, which catches the curiosity enough to cause you to pause and search the page and find out what is being said...

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I'll let you in on a little secret, it's not ONLY Wisconsin. It's nationwide. Raider Nation... Cleveland Dog Pound... Detroit Red Wings - Hockeytown... Da Bulls... Da Bears... Cowboys... Steelers... Lakers... Wild... Yankees... Redskins... Eagles... and the list goes on for miles.

And the jab about the Packers isn't appreciated. ;) Especially since last year was the first time in years they didn't win the division. [Those are fighting word... especially from an 'outsider'] :P

I hope they teach you how to drink during your stay in Wisconsin. If not, ask for your money back.

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i'm from russia mate, i've been drinking vodka instead of the breast milk ;)

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Great job on coming up with an intelligent, targeted, and creative concept, not to mention the fact that it's well-executed. I think it's 'anybody's game' (Nice pun, eh? Come on everyone, groan along with me ;-) as to whether or not this would be a successful part of a campaign: it's a fact that we really can't say if it'd work in the market unless it was actually used.
My ONLY problem are the typos. Just like the rest of the posters, I have no idea if you were given this copy, or if you came up with it on your own. Nor do I know if your prof cares about copy. If it's not too late, and you're planning on sticking with your copy, here's my suggestions:
- "Lingo Voyager 2 is the newest..." ('the' is in the wrong place - and although it isn't a 'typo' per se, you should probably change 'newest' to 'latest', or 'most advanced.' In a world where no one trusts a 1.0 product, being 'new' isn't necessarily a good thing.
- change "multiply" to "multiple"

Good luck!

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thank you very much,
appreciate your time

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The headline doesn't work.

The headline doesn't work. The visual already says that you are on the same team. You should say something like: "Let us speak the same language" or something...

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Other headlines

Good understanding?

Mutual understanding?


I also have a particular distaste for the question mark in that font. Just a personal thing, though...