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iOS keyboard quick access to top level domains

If you want to type up domain names you can quickly type .com or .org by simply tapping and holding the dot key and selecting the appropriate top level domain from a pop-up. The same way you can type accented characters like the letter é for the word café.

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Why you should wait with the iOS7 upgrade

Within hours Apple will release iOS7 to the whole world all at once. Many want to get their hands on it right away. Here are 5 reasons why you should wait a few more days with the upgrade.

1. Even though Apple uses Akamai for their downloads, they usually can't cope with millions of people downloading large files all at the same time. Save yourself the trouble of restarting the download several times and watching the progress bar crawl. By tomorrow the servers will be blazing fast.

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Fit artboard size to artwork

If you need to adjust your artboard size to the size of the artwork there is a simple trick to get this done. Simply edit the artboard and click the artwork. The artboard will immediately adjust to the mimimum size to fit your vector artwork.

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The Impact of Photoshop

The latest PBS Off Book episode, dubbed Photoshop Has Changed the World, takes a look at several aspects of the impact of digital image editing on illustration, retouching and online popular culture. It's a brief but worthy effort, although there's more to all this than simply Photoshop. For example, one can agree with the claim that, "With the ability to alter any image in the media landscape, everyday people now have the means to critically comment on culture and spread their ideas virally, leveling the playing field between traditional media creators and consumers." But those "everyday people" are for the most part not creating wacky cat photos with a product that sells for $699.

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MyScript Calculator for iOS is amazing

MyScript Calculator recognizes your handwriting and performs mathematical calculations. It's really great to solve simple and complex equations. Perfect for kids to learn math. Use the scratch gesture to correct any item. And, use a '?' to substitute an item in your equation you want to find.

Best of all it's free in iTunes.

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Manga-Camera app

Manga-Camera is fun new app that allows you to create manga comics with your iPhone. See few pictures I snapped around the house for the effects you can create. You can share your photos on Facebook and Twitter or save them into your Photo library for later use. The app is free in the iTunes Store.

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Zoom in and out without pinching on Maps

We all use pinch to zoom in and out of maps, but there is another way to zoom. To zoom in you can double tap the area you're interested in and to zoom out you can tap once with two fingers.

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Delete instead of Archive in iOS

Here is a quick and simple trick to manage your e-mail better in iOS We all know that if we want to archive a message we can tap the box icon in the middle of the bottom row. But what if we want to delete a message instead of archiving it? Simple just tap and hold the same icon to bring up a menu which includes a red delete button as well.

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How to report a problem in Apple Maps

Apple Maps is fast and beautiful, but it is not as up-to-date with points of interests as Google Maps and sometimes contains incorrect information too. However Apple is committed to get the maps better fast as Tim Cook expressed in his open letter on the subject.

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OSX 10.8.2 update brings Facebook integration to Mt. Lion

Apple releases OS X 10.8.2 with new Facebook, Messages and FaceTime features. You can now not only Tweet right from your desktop but also post status updates to Facebook. See the images of how it looks like to share webpages from Safari, share a post from the sidebar notification window and post a picture from your desktop. Facebook integration also allows you to add your location and select the audience for your status updates. If you're posting an image you select the album too.


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