Landmark Towers

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I'm working on a logo for Landmark Towers, they want a sophisticated look to the logo and the slogan is along the lines of stepping up to success. The buildings have stepped platforms at the base and want to play off that in the logo. Am I heading in the right direction with this mark? Thanks.

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i'm only seeing the little

i'm only seeing the little thumbnail, not a decent sized image inside the post.

that said, it reveals a significant problem with the logo: the logomark is *HUGE* compared to the text. while the logomark in the thumbnail is very big, the text is so small as to be unreadable. there needs to be a better size relationship between the text and the logomark.

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Headed in the right direction? Consider yourself nearly there.

Agree with gwells' comments, but might I add that I *LOVE* the logo. You've succeeded in conveying to me: clean architecture, the letters L and T, and the rising of the T alludes to the 'stepping up to success'. Up the size and/or bold the text beneath your wordmark and you got yourself a winner.


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agreed, i didn't mention

agreed, i didn't mention that i do like the logomark quite a bit. but that relationship is really awkward.

also, keep in mind how logos are used on documents and on the web. portrait orientation, particularly one with such a big disparity between height and width, can be more difficult to incorporate in documents. the closer a ratio is to even, the easier it is to use.