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iPhone OS 4

Steve Jobs and his team presented the iPhone OS 4 road map. Here are the key points of what the amazing new OS has to offer.

  1. Great implemenation of multitasking. Run Pandora, Skype, Foursquare. etc. in the background.
  2. Folders for applications.
  3. New with unified inbox and other improvements.
  4. iBook for iPhone synced with the iPad.
  5. Corporate features: more security, centralized app management, wireless app udates, etc.
  6. Social gaming network.
  7. iAd in app advertising network. iAd explained

+dozens of other things.

Watch the keynote

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I was praying for it everynight... half of memory is empty... underused... waiting for apps... =[

and c'mon Steve... please tell us why eleven pages until now...

yes I'm brazilian xD

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With the folders the 11 pages can hold up to 2000 apps. That's enough for most people. :)

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yes but why 11 and not 10 or 12?

we designers love to discover the knowing or symbolism about everything around us...

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I have to say I'm very impressed with this update. The multi-tasking feature alone in my opinion address every single flaw I see in my iPhone. It's really going to take the device to the next level in terms of functionality. If the new iPhone this summer comes with this improved OS and some new killer features I think Apple will have another home run. If they go bold and make a CDMA model (something I never believed) then they should be able to seriously set back Android in the US.

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One of the improvements I'd like to see - but doesn't appear to be forthcoming in this OS - is the ability to sync between actual mailboxes between my Mail app on the iPhone and the Mail program on my iMac. Currently the Mail app on the iPhone only allows for an Inbox, Drafts, Sent and Trash - it does not duplicate my mailbox settings that I have on my IMac, which I use to keep my incoming emails organized. I find I'm checking my email on my iPhone during the day, with the only options to read, respond, forward, or delete emails... then I come home and get served all the same emails I've already gone through for the day on my iPhone, but this time on my iMac, and it's only there where I can organize my emails - drop work emails into a work folder, drop family emails into a family folder, etc.

Another improvement I'd like is for the Calendar app on the iPhone to be able to add a new Calendar category. Again, if I want to add a new calendar category, I have to do it on my iMac at home - can't do it from the iPhone app.

I feel whiney... honestly, I really do LOVE my iPhone. I can live without the above suggestions, but would be happier with them. :)

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The new Windows Moblie 7 does all this and more! And we do it using our radical new interface we call "Checkerboard!" - All apps have their own fixed block on the Zunetop, slide side to side, and have qualitative multatasking!

WM7 is the future baby! No more fingers on the screen, we want you to use our stylus - chrome and black, it looks soooo cool!

WM7 cuts through the "app-fog" too! Thousands of apps? That's just too confusing!
WM7 coming this summer to dozens of platforms! We give you choice!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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