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Internet tech company logo (2)

Only zeros and ones make up the logo to demonstrate how everything on a computer is made up of these two elements.

The funny thing about this logo is that the smaller it is the easier it is to read. When it's huge you can't see the forest from the tree. I think it's fun. What do you think?

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Sorry but this is not good, I've seen much better from you in the past when it comes to logo design.. I think you should focus less on the BITS part..

This looks awful, sorry to say that but I'm being honest..

You can't read the logo really and when it's small it reminds of some kind of hole text on a train ticket or something.

Back to the drawing board , but first.. Relax, don't stress this logo up, go out, find some new inspiration..

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You seem uncertain with this logo as well and if you feeling uncertain with a logo then it's probably not right even from the beginning..

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I think the "this looks awful" is a harsh comment. I think it need work in the readibilty area, but it is far from awful.

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I took a look at this version and the previous one.. I'm left with the impression that you're too stuck with the "matrix"-thing.. Perhaps you need to put that aside a bit and try different angles.

You seem to be walking around the table, it's close, but no cigar.. Keep the ideas coming!

And for god's sake, make it more readable! :D

Have fun!

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I know its hard with the O and the 1, but a little more concept and less detail would help both versions.

Hey, embrace the matrix and have bits dropping down from above the logo or header... O's and 1's dropping in to fill or create something. That way they [0s,1s] could be background, subtle, and the iconography / concept can take more of the focus: Forest First, Tree Second.

Or a network or satellite of bits surrounding "2Bits." I would downplay the "2" and push "bits", as I don't like the feel I get from "2Bits", I mean, two bits is two quarters, kind of like 2 cents- so whatever you can do to steer clear of people thinking all they are going to get is 2 cents [ does that make cents :) ]

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I love it...Seriously I think its great. I don't think it should be associated with "the matrix" since Binary has been around before the matrix was ever an idea. Readability might be an issue for some but there is plenty of "creative" branding that has readability problems and is still successful.

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not a bad idea at all, but execution needs work

i like this one better than your latest revision (which looks too techno rave to me), since this one seems to have a more solid technology concept integrated

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Is it me, or is this worse than the first version? Whatsa da matta Ivan, did you take a job with one of those "Logos for $100" Web companies?

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