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The Trials and Tribulations of Creating an eBook

By Gary W. Priester

My business partner Gene Levine and I have been creating 3D stereograms for about fifteen years. We have had three books published, plus Gene and I have contributed stereograms to all 17 issues of the TJ MOOK series of stereogram magazines published in Japan. With the exception of the first and last issue, Gene and I have been the sole contributors.

We decided that it might be fun (with an eye towards massive profits) to create an electronic book for the Apple iPad. The iPad has a large screen for a mobile device, about 6" x 8", with an impressive screen resolution of 132 ppi, almost twice that of a Mac. Ideal for viewing our 3D hidden images, it would in essence be an electronic coffee table book. Long on images. Short on text.

The logical solution was to create a document in epub format that we could sell on Apple's iTunes Store. Gene and I have created hundreds of stereogram images, in fact the number is probably in the thousands. We own the copyrights to all of the images we have created for the TJ MOOK series and are thus free to use them for any purpose, as long as it is not in Japan. So our main expense would be sweat equity.

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